WWT Slimbridge: Living Wetland Theatre

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WWT Slimbridge: Living Wetland Theatre

B|D are delighted that the Living Wetland Theatre & Aviary for WWT Slimbridge has achieved planning. The innovative flagship new installation forms part of a £4.4m funding award announced by the Heritage Lottery Fund for the Slimbridge 2020 project.

The Living Wetland Theatre will offer the perfect open-air venue for live and interactive demonstrations and the chance to get up-close to beautiful wetland birds while presenters introduce the species on stage.

Stars of the show will include free-flying pelicans and diving whistling ducks and the elusive bearded tit. The theatre will also offer a platform for live debates with researchers, scientists and TV experts as they explore conservation and environmental issues.

B|D are working with Kay Elliott architects, Hoare Lea and David Dexter Engineers alongside the WWT Slimbridge on detailing the project through Technical Design.

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