Campfield Road, Residential

The challenge was to develop a scheme in St Albans that mediates between the industrial character of the Old Electricity Works and the proposed modern units, whilst providing sustainable residential, social and employment space.

The Electricity Works acts as an anchoring point to the scheme – there will be a contrast in scale and character of materials between the courtyard levels to give each a distinct identity and sense of place.

Natural stone and Dutch clay paving to the lower courtyard reflects the heritage of the Electricity Works, and complements the existing brickwork, with paving cut away to allow the soft landscape to flow in and blur the boundaries between hard and soft; a focus on detail and texture of finishes.

All in, the project provides 107 new-build mixed tenure flats and 500m² of commercial space, in addition, the proposals include 1700m² of amenity space and 700m² of dedicated play space.

Landscape, public realm and the connection between public and private was an important consideration as part of the planning application and scheme design, working collaboratively with pH+ Architects and other disciplines, to ensure a hardworking and flexible landscape.

Client: City & Suburban Homes
Architects: pH+ architects
Landscape Budget: Confidential
Status: Planning Achieved in 2018

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