Chaumont Festival, Rural

Inspired by the human form through history this gardens strong design feature is a sinuous corten steel walkway that guides and educates visitors about the relationship between people and plants.  Surrounding the corten walkway are a series of mounded ripples of flowering medicinal plants that have been used by indigenous peoples for thousands of years and proven to have a positive impact on human health.

Misting nozzles are located within the mounded planting to periodically provide cool and disorientating fine spray to the garden.  This in turn irrigates the plants and brings forward the patination of the oxidising steel, accelerating the natural processes.  A grove of umbrella head ginkgo trees will provide dappled shade.

The competition entry for the 2010 gardens was well received amongst the 300 entries but not lucky enough to be one of the 28 gardens shortlisted.

Client: Chaumont Festival des Jardins
Landscape Budget: circa £0.01 million
Status: Competition Entry