King Edwards Road, Residential

The redevelopment of King Edward’s Road in Hackney will turn a redundant brownfield site into a mixed tenure residential development with beautiful and hardworking amenity courtyard and dynamic shared space public realm.

Rain gardens within the urban landscape will collect and attenuate surface water and form a defensible edge to new residential units, planted with a variety of species to soften and enhance the visual amenity of the area.

A grove of lime trees at the heart of the development will create a central courtyard space for residents with picnic benches, incidental play pieces for young children and a permeable surface for playing boules or similar free play opportunities as well as a useful water attenuation/storage volume below ground to collect surface water.

Semi-mature tree planting will include a specimen 10m tall Tulip tree, fruiting and flowering trees to gardens and climbing green walls to boundaries with raised planting beds to allow productive planting by residents.

Timber fin fencing to private gardens that look into the courtyard offer visual permeability and at 1.5m height offers the opportunity for neighbours to ‘talk over the garden fence’.

Client: London Borough of Hackney
Architects: Hawkins\Brown
Landscape Budget: Confidential
Status: On site