Sherrington Quad – Oxford University, Campus

The urban significance and sensitivity of the Physics CL2 site demands a respectful and carefully considered architectural and landscape response.  The confined urban site is highly constrained by the location of the existing notable buildings including Keble College and Chapel, the Clarendon Laboratory and Martin Woods Lecture Theatre, and also a mature cedar tree planted in 1880, Parks Road and the University Park.

The aim is to create a distinctive and high quality landscape environment; a new Quad for Oxford that will be of significant value and provide a setting for the CL2 building whilst acting as the front of house to the Science Area, contributing to the quality and diversity of the area.

The landscape strategy looks to establish the optimum site layout that is visually integrated within its setting and local context; provides opportunities for passive recreation and relaxation, considers security and safety inside and outside the science area campus, and allows comfortable and level access and circulation within and around the new Physics building.

The impressive Cedar tree will act as the focal point to the square with a raised system of pedestal paving using existing strip foundations to improve the porosity above the root zone. There is an opportunity to reference the history & heritage of the Blue Atlantic Cedar dating from the 1880’s with public art that responds to the genius loci.

Click here to view a 5 minute animation showing the design of the Clarendon Laboratory 2 (CL2) building.

Client: Oxford University
Architects: Hawkins\Brown
Landscape Budget: circa £1.15 million
Status: On Site