The Milkshake Tree, Culture

As part of the London Festival of Architecture B|D landscape architects in collaboration with pH+ architects and the London Centre for Children with Cerebral Palsy created ‘The Milkshake Tree’; an innovative installation and sensory garden which acts as a platform to share, engage and educate the community on inclusive environments that help to stimulate and support growth.

We have recently received planning permission for a specialist Centre in Haringey; The London Centre for Children with Cerebral Palsy. Through an extensive consultation process we have worked to develop a Centre with an inclusive design ethos; one that helps children develop in a series of environments intended to stimulate the senses through sounds, smells, light and varying surfaces.

Using Conductive Education techniques, The Centre turns all given parts of a child’s day into an immersive learning situation, providing opportunities to practice emerging skills not only in specific learning situations but in the many interconnecting parts of their lives and day.

The installation distilled this into a fully immersive playscape for the public to enjoy. Featuring a musical walkway and kids only den the multisensory ramp has been successful in encouraging community interaction, discussions on the future of their built environments and has helped to promote both inclusive design and the work of the LCCCP.  Images Courtesy of pH+ architects & LCCCP

Architects: pH+ Architects
Landscape Architects B|D Landscape Architects
Contractor City Sq. Solutions
Operations Support NOW Gallery